Talent Technik (tt) connects you with talented people within your industry. Our specialised approach to recruitment allows you to focus on growing your business.

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From Derichebourg UK
to Talent Technik

Talent Technik (tt) is the rebranded Derichebourg UK – a result of post-pandemic impacts on International Group commercial activity. Our operational sites in North America, Asia and various European countries were either rationalised or undertook regional amalgamation.

However, the incumbent Managing Director, Clive Laudham, decided that existing commercial contracts and supporting teams were worth maintaining. This was the catalyst in forming ‘People Partnership’ teams, compliant cooperatives and the diversification into alternative revenue streams.

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Clive Laudham - Chief Executive Officer
Clive Laudham
Chief Executive Officer
Lorna Hamblett - Personnel and Administration Manager
Lorna Hamblett
Personnel & Administration Manager
Adrian Leatherland - Head of Business Development
Adrian Leatherland
Head of Business Development
Building People Partnerships - Talent Technik

People Partnerships

Talent Technik (tt) works in close and effective partnerships with all our clientele

  • Collaboration – this means working proactively with all clients using our extensive experience to help frame solutions
  • Communication – we provide frequent and open discussion at all stages of the process
  • Compliance – maintaining adherence to all local legal regulations; our credo for supplying services
  • Customer Focus – we listen, understand client requirements and provide solutions that match needs
  • Contracts – we work to ensure our commercial agreements are equitable for all parties; we provide an ‘open book’ commentary
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