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formally Derichebourg UK

Talent Technik (tt) is the rebranded Derichebourg UK as a result of post pandemic impacts on International Group commercial activity. Therefore, operational sites in North America, Asia and various European states were either rationalised or undertook regional amalgamation.

However, the incumbent Managing Director, Clive Laudham, decided that existing Commercial Contracts and supporting Team was worth maintaining; this was the catalyst to forming ‘People Partnership’ teams and compliant cooperatives.

In line with such new initiatives and rationalisations, Talent Technik (tt) was successful in further developing overseas long-term contracts. We also received invitations from non-aviation sector operations requiring compliant people support and this is proving to be an ongoing trend: Equally, we’ve invested in new operational systems as well as hardware to enable our expanding into niche elements of complementary sectors and this is proving a very successful modus operandi.

We’re continually adding to our Team and being asked if there are any opportunities so we must be doing something right; ie, ‘People Partnerships’  providing ‘Invisible Support’ with truly ‘Visible Benefits’.

We’re very much looking forward to continuous improvement, development in 2021 and beyond.

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Recruiting suitable candidates for aviation and transport is a challenge due to the complex nature of our sector. A more traditional, broad recruitment platform may not offer you the quality of personnel required with the desired experience.

Talent Technik (tt) is different. We are industry recruitment specialists. We build people partnerships, offering you the opportunity to hire industry leaders suitably qualified and experienced people.
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