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The Space & Defence sectors continue to innovate and are increasingly converging as defence becomes more cyber and space becomes more accessible.

Companies working in these sectors are moving rapidly and rely on the skills of talented people to meet their targets.

Talent Technik (TT) can help.

Aerospace Talent
Permanent Staff Recruitment

Building or expanding your business in these high technology sectors absolutely needs new talent. From senior managers and cyber experts through to highly skilled technicians, Talent Technik (TT) has the experience and network to deliver the people you need to join your team.

Temporary Staff Supply

Temporary staff can be a solution when reacting rapidly to changing market circumstances and quickly building additional capacity.

Talent Technik (TT) has the experience to understand the skills and experience you need and has the connections and sector knowledge to rapidly provide these people to your business.

People Partnerships

People Partnerships means working with our clients and our candidates to ensure that clients get the people they need, and our candidates get the opportunity they are seeking.

As in all successful partnerships the key here is communication – we provide frequent and open communication at all stages of the process to ensure success for all.

Space & Defence Skills

Talent Technik provides people with skills across:

  • Marine and Land Vehicle Design Engineering
  • Space System Design
  • Cyber Protection and Defence
  • High Integrity Systems and Software Engineering
  • Space and Defence System Testing and Development
  • Advanced Technology Manufacturing Engineering
  • Marine and Land Vehicle Production
  • Complex Project Management

The underlying tenet of Talent Technik (TT) is to always maintain compliance.

We work hard to ensure all our activities meet the local and international regulations whether regarding security, employment or payroll.

We work with our clients and candidates to meet all requirements early in the process to avoid last-minute issues and we will provide open book illustrations on all commercial and payroll quotations.


Talent Technik is confident in its ability to support Aerospace clients and can provide agreements with built-in KPIs including:

  • Percentage of profiles passing qualification checks
  • Ratios of profiles provided to candidates interviewed
  • Response time for provision of profiles

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